Blox Run

Blox Run, is an entertaining and colorful game. It is supported in all Symbian^3 phones.

Tangle Craze

Tangle Craze, is an addictive arcade-puzzle game having number of levels and a lot of fun.

Sniper Action

Sniper Action, is an entertaining and addictive shooting gamewith intuitive & exhilarating gameplay.

Math N Fun

Math N Fun, is a cross-platform game for practicing your basic Mathematics skills in a fun way.

Tilt N Fun

Tilt N Fun is an entertaining maze game for MeeGo Harmattan in which you have to control Mr. Bouncy by tilting your device.

Bouncy N Crazy

Bouncy N Crazy is an adventure game in which your objective is to take Mr. Bouncy to the end of level by controlling him through accelerometer of phone.

Cut The Angle

Cut The Angle is a multi-touch geomerty game in which ur fingers transform into a compass and u have to draw the given angle using that compass.

Brain Bash

Brain Bash, a cartoonic-graphics game which is designed to maximize the mental performance of kids or adults.


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