USEoSMS is an SMS Server Software for Symbian 3rd & 5th edition phones especially designed to improve school/colleges current notification system. The goal of the project is to replace the old notification table system which is not very efficient with a technological, economical and effective system. The concept of the software is to extract the parameters from a received SMS and perform action accordingly like send it to all the students of batch 07 in Electrical Engineering department. Of course, it provides a database for power users, users , updates and blacklisting contact. SMS packages are quite cheap in Pakistan (& other countries like Philippine etc), so, there is no problem with economical issues while implementing this system.The features of the server are:

1- A single executable of  SMS Server works fine on both 3rd and 5th edition Nokia phones because it is resolution independent.

2- It provides a db explorer to create & manage the included databases.

3- It can be used for two way notifications i.e. Students->Teachers and vice versa

4- It can be used to write an update on its wall which can be accessed by any general user which knows the number of Nokia phone in which it is installed.

5- It provides twitter support i.e. one can directly post notifications to the twitter account provided in the server settings.

6- t provides a feedback to the sender if sender’s query goes well or not.

7- It provides four databases i.e power users (whose queries will get processed) , users (who can receive sms), updates (the wall of the notification table) and blacklist numbers(whose queries will not get processed).

8- Supports updating the database via messages from power users.

9-Simple and Easy to use interface.



All Symbian 3rd, 5th and Symbian^3 Phones



Not released commercially because it is currently in private phase.





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